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Recruiting Position

Number of people

General Manager’s Secretary

1 people

General Manager’s Secretary (the direction of the M&A)


1、Provide work supporting for project manager (the same below)  draft、review legal instrument, draft、review related contracts.

2、Good at word、excel、ppt, and other software

3、Assist with project investment process execution and follow-up

4、This position is target salary system, according to your performance and project benefits to check and pay bonuses.


1、Age 25-35, Bachelor degree or above, investment、financial、law and other related major, Male with driving license first.

2、Have strong responsibility and teamwork ability, be able to adapt to mergence and acquisition project operation needs;

3、Person of good behavior, have strong commutation and interpersonal skills, hard work.  

4、Quick-thinking、clear-thinking, strong language communication and writing skills. 

Senior Head of Legal

1 people

Position description:

1.Responsible for dealing with legal affairs for the company, including draft and making all kinds of legal instruments、standard contract.

2. Responsible for credit review of all kinds cooperative unit. 

3. Have to deal with company’s arbitration、litigation and outreach affairs.  

4. Deal with labor dispute and the law problem, draft、 complete labor and service contracts、 agreement and legal document. 

Position requirements:

1、Age 30-40, Bachelor degree or above in law and other related major.

2、5+ years experience in law office or group company legal adviser, 5+ years team management experiences; legal adviser has experience in machine-building industry is preferred.

3、Hold legal profession qualification, proficient with civil and commerce  law and regulation, skilled ability of draft legal documents、contract text, etc. Good writing skills.

4、Excellent negotiation、communication and coordination ability.

5、To be honest with the team and yourself, initiative and good communication; strong sense of responsibility, can work under the strong pressure. 

Purchasing Manager

1 people


1. Ability to organize material purchasing of company

2. In charge of supplier developing、maintenance and optimization

3. Get detailed price analysis and assessment.


1. Age 30-40, Bachelor degree or above in procurement、logistics、  supply chain management major

2. 3+ years experience in supply chain management in equipment manufacturing industry, proficient with non-standard parts purchasing   management.

3. Excellent analysis、communication、coordination and negotiation ability.

4. Integrity、honesty, initiative and good communication; strong sense of responsibility.

General Manager’s Secretary

1 people

General Manager’s Secretary (the direction of the executive)


1. Arrange inside meeting and work plan summary、draft and issue meeting record.

2. According to high up to draft、classify and file company documents, and convey information from General Manager to every department; assist General Manager with communication、coordination work, make sure various work carry on smoothly;

3. Organize meeting schedule and daily work plan reasonably, and prepare weekly work plan and monthly work plan according to overall marketing planning.


1、Age 25-35,Male first; 

2、Bachelor degree or above in journalism or Chinese related major, ability to word processing; 

3、Have strong ability of organization、coordination、communication and acute insight;

4、Have strong ability of word processing、judgment and decisiveness, as well as planning and the implementation force; 

5、Good team work spirit, kind and honest、good character.

Project manager

1 people

Position description:

1. Responsible for project management of automatic production line、automatic warehousing equipment (production organization、construction organization)

2. Monitor and implement effectively according to the progress of project scheduling、cost、quality and the field.

3. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with Party A and related department on-site.

4. Responsible for acceptance check of project.

Position requirements:

1.Age 30-40, at least bachelor degree of mechanical or electrical.

2. Proficient with (non-standard) mechanical engineering project management process, experienced in mechanical and electrical is preferred.

3. 5+ years project management work experience, good spoken English or French (daily conversation with foreigner); hold Associate Constructor (mechanic-electrical)、PMP certificate will be better.

4. Available for long time traveling on business.